Rocky Shores

Port George is located just over the North Mountain from Middleton. The village lies right along the coast with easy access to the Bay of Fundy rocky shoreline. The Bay of Fundy tides turns about every 6.5 hours. You can watch the extraordinary sunsets seated on the volcanic rock that makes up the shore. When the tide is out you will want to hunt for treasures washed up on the rocks. Watch for seals sunbathing or playing Peek-a-Boo with you! The provincial park is 800 metres from Rocky Shores & Seals Cottages and is another great place to watch the sunset and tide, or to have a picnic.

In May, Port George hosts its annual BlueGrass Festival, and in July, its annual Country Music Jamboree.
The native Mi’kmaw name for Port George is Goolwagopskooch, which means’ Haunt of the Hooded Seal.’

Port George hosts its own lighthouse, seen at the roadside, and just down the road in Cottage Cove there lies an historic wharf. The wharf will be refurbished as part of the Nova Scotia government’s commitment to preserve the heritage.